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3D 112 l Leather, Vinyl & Plastic (LVP) Interior Cleaner
3D 112 l Leather, Vinyl & Plastic (LVP) Interior Cleaner
3D 112 l Leather, Vinyl & Plastic (LVP) Interior Cleaner

3D 112 l Leather, Vinyl & Plastic (LVP) Interior Cleaner

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What is it? - Multi-purpose cleaner for every conceivable surface inside your car including leather, vinyl, plastic, cloth, fabrics, plastics, and metal surfaces.

What does it do? - Safely cleans with zero risk of accidental staining or altering of the appearance on any surface it’s used on.

When do you use it? - Anytime you have a spill or stain or for anytime you want to do general cleaning maintenance for your car’s interior.

Why use 3D LVP Cleaner over other options? - The best reason to choose 3D LVP Cleaner over the myriad of other options to the market starts with the 3D brand name on the label. 3D is a manufacture with their own R&D Department and their own state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. We either purchase raw materials directly and in some cases, we make the raw materials purposefully. Most other brands cannot make this claim.

Because we make all our own products, we have the ultimate control over quality. Our head chemist and also company owner and founder tests each and every product himself and every product must not only perform as advertised, but it also has to outperform the competition.

3D LVP Cleaner or Leather, Vinyl Cleaner uses a blend of organic ingredients that excel and breaking down other organic and in-organic substances, this is how a cleaner work, by breaking down or emulsifying other “things”. The secret is for the cleaning ingredients to do their work without having a negative effect on the base materials they are used on. And that’s proprietary information that no company shares with the public. 

  • Cleans and removes stains, spills, dirt, grime, etc.
  • Fast-acting, Simply spray on, agitate, wipe-off
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner – Safe on all surfaces
  • Works safely on Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Cloth, Metal
  • Organic formula, pH balanced
  • Safe for modern coated leather
  • RTU or dilute 1:1 and even 4:1 for light cleaning
  • Biodegradable – Earth Friendly – VOC Compliant
  • Fresh New Car/Leather Scent